Works in Progress

I write all kinds of things all at once, and most of it reaches completion excruciatingly slowly, if at all. At present (2014), I am trying to change my habits to focus in on one or two works at a time.

NaNoWriMo 2015

Tina Bar Sinister cover 01 Tina Bar Sinister — This will be, in some sense, a bit of metafiction. Which I may or may not explain once it is written. I’ll post it to Wattpad as it is written.

Actively Writing

Totally 80s CoverThe Doppel Man — A follow-up to Spring That Never Came, although not really a sequel. This new series (which I’m dubbing Neon Noir) will follow Duncan through the early and mid 1980s. Posting chapters weekly to Wattpad.

Gifted — In the 1960s, a number of young people start presenting with psychic abilities. This is not taken well by the public at large. Very much a take on a certain superhero genre.

Ex-Ministers of Fate — First volume in AnarchoFaerie.

In One Ear: A Sarah Hoyt Mystery — Begun a year ago, tinkered with on and off, I’m picking it back up to finish. Will probably end up in the neighborhood of 60,000 words, a short-ish mystery novel.

“The Man In The Room”

On the backburner

Old Weird Charley — A horror novel of yet-unknown length. I’ve started drafts of it many times, and will keep coming back to it till I get it right.

Dead Man’s Reckoning — One draft is a vampire book, another is a zombie book, another is an alternate history post-plague story set in the early 20th Century. I’m never, ever happy with it, whatever the iteration.

This Terrible City — A post-war thriller set in Shanghai, I’m even more perfectionist about this one than my other stories.

The Uncertainty of the Moment — This will be an oddball, it’s an examination of group dynamics and power-positioning in Hollywood, at a moment when reality irresistibly intrudes into the consensus reality of movie-making.

13 Songs — An experimental novel. When I have more of it written, I may say more.

Queen of Ares

The Vision

“The Imitable Mr. Wells”

“The Sucker Wakes”

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