Writing Music Monday: A Lil Sumthin’ Sumthin’ by The Good Lawdz

[cover] The Good Lawdz - A Lil Somethin' Somethin'Round about this time last year, I was afraid that RawBounce Records had been a shooting star. They released several albums in a short span of time around 2009, all of them great (and most already shared through Writing Music Mondays here), and then… nothing. I figured they must have closed shop and all gotten straight gigs, like The Blues Brothers Band.

Then I found The Good Lawdz on BandCamp.

Whoa, Nelly!

This is not yet another Organ Trio.

While deeply rooted in the Hard Bop and Soul Jazz tradition of Grant Green or Jimmy McGriff, don’t be misled: The Good Lawdz are not stuck in the past.

Combining the street attitude and Southern HipHop influences of Slikk Tim on guitar and the cutting edge Urban Gospel stylings of actual church organist Yoann Turpin, it only needs the versatile yet always swingin’ drumming of Yvan Keller to bring these 3 fellas to a very authentic mixture of old & new that’s sure not to disappoint.

Now, typically, I hate organ jazz. Or, at least, I’m grudging about it. Not sure why, and there are exceptions, but for the most part it sounds cheesy to me.

This is one of the glorious exceptions. It’s long, over an hour and all of nine tracks. And not a bad one in the bunch. Just amazing, amazing stuff.

So if you want to buy Slikk Tim and crew some beer, or want non-mp3 formats, head over and get it through BandCamp.

And if you just want a straight mp3 download, then it’s on Jamendo, too. (You can always throw money at them through BandCamp later. 😉 )

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Writing Music Monday: Manila by Luc Bartoli

[cover] Luc Bartoli - ManilaMe and jazz. It sustains me. What more can I say?

Luc Bartoli’s Manila is, perhaps, the strongest release from RawBounce Records. It just works, right on down to the apparently incongruous correlation to Manila, a city which (to the best of my knowledge) does not have much of a reputation for jazz, historically. And yet, I do get a bit of the vibe of Manila while listening to this.

Says Bartoli:

Everytime I jam and there is other tenors playing, they always seem to engage in some kind of battle. So the more they show off, the more I go into a “less is more” approach, and it just defuses the situation. I don’t care if there’s some cat that can play faster than me on “Cherokee”.

I just do my thing.

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Writing Music Monday: Supriscording by Hugo Droopy Contini

Bassist Slikk Tim:

“Hey man, you’re gonna record your first album in 4 days.” That’s what I told Droopy Contini one Monday evening while sipping some beer after rehearsal.

I was actually thinking of testing my recording tricks and gear, without really thinking of producing a serious album. It turned out better than we all expected.

Fine bop. Fine jazz. Definitely something to have playing while you write.

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Monday Writing Music: Gutter Guitar by Slikk Tim

[cover] Slikk Tim - Gutter GuitarJazz. My default mode.

Slikk Tim’s single album, Gutter Guitar, is a bit modernish, veers toward (the dreaded) smooth jazz on occasion, but plays nicely in the background if you like this sort of thing.

This is one album of four or five from RawBounce Records, and they’re all good, and I’ll likely link each of them at one point or another. They only recorded and posted for about two years, which is a shame, but at least these albums are still up for download.