#Writing #Music Monday: White Notes by Jazz Friends

White Notes Cover“Jazz Friends” is a long-running Jamendo project in which Creative Commons jazzish (heavy on the “-ish”) acts contribute a track apiece to collaborative albums once or twice a year.

The newest, White Notes, is arguably the best they’ve put out so far. And the apparent reason for that is that they changed the process by which tracks were selected:

The new album by Jazz Friends comes with Santa Claus, just in time to put it under your Christmas tree.

It’s our gift to you. Listen and donate it to your friends, to give music is as to give a bit of sky.

With the abetting of the festive spirit, the general atmosphere of the album is more lounge and relaxed, but there are moments of pure classic jazz, moments of sweet Christmas atmosphere and, why not, a sprinkle of jazz rock too. You can appreciate also two new, extraordinary female voices, sensual, enchanting … and I say no more: to you the pleasure of discovering.

New in this time, the project became open, not only invitations, but also the possibility for all artist to propose their songs, to be included in the album. Among the many received it was selected one especially meritorious. This experience, even if laborious, has been amazing and we’ll propose it again for the next album, reserving more space for new participants.

It works nicely as a post-Christmas-but-tis-still-the-season album, heading us on our way as we proceed from halfway out of the dark ever toward the light.

Download White Notes by Jazz Friends from Jamendo.

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#Writing #Music Monday: Supernova by Adam Certamen Bownik

CoverYes, I’ve been slacking. I may continue, hard to tell.

For today, however, here is fifty minutes of techno-synth music to explore. A lot of it sounds like it could be disco orchestra stuff from the late ’70s — but I mean that in a good way, for once.

Adam Certamen Bownik appears to be a very interesting man. On top of his music — he has produced 64 solo albums in 16 years (!) — he is an adjunct professor in the department of Physiology and Toxicology at the University of Lublin, Poland. (One almost wonders if he hunts dinosaurs or builds time machines in his spare time.)

Supernova consists of three lengthy tracks, two of about fifteen minutes, one clocking in at twenty, and they’re entirely engaging from beginning to end. It’s almost a synth symphony, with some vocalizing (not too much) throughout. In fact, it is another example I would point to of “this is a way music should have gone”, taking off from Vangelis and other synth artists of the ’70s and ’80s.

Possibly one of the reasons I am so taken with this album are his two rules:

There are 2 main rules I obey in composing. 1. The patch should be of original sound not copied from the best [Tangerine Dream] albums ;). Synthesizers are instruments of a great variety of sounds to obtain so I have no reason to play with sounds that are indeed great but well known. 2. Apart from a good synth patch a melody line must be included in the composition. Some moments without melody could be be beneficial or even required but should not be the essential part of a composition.

That works for me, it works very well.

Supernova is available for free download from Jamendo.

Supernova by Adam Certamen Bownik is released under a Free Art License 1.3 (FAL 1.3), also known as a Libre Art License (LAL).

This license is compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution–Share-Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.