#Writing #MusicMonday: Moonxine by Jahzzar

Cover[This post was supposed to go up on January 25th, but didn’t due to the Great Laptop Failure of 2016.]

I realize that I share a lot of Jahzzar’s music, but in my defense, he puts out more new music than I can keep up with, when added up with his rather extensive back catalog. Plus, he’s really good, so there’s rarely reason not to share.

Moonxine is, I think, one of his older works that I happened to start listening to after the new year, and it fit in just about perfectly with the previous Writing Music Monday album, Sparks by Chill Carrier.

Where Sparks was very upbeat, Moonxine is more reserved and contemplative. (Jahzzar has it marked as sad, but I disagree. Except for the track Part VII, which certainly has a melancholy feel. But that’s part of the overall contemplative mood of the album, I think.)

And what I mean about them fitting together nicely is this: I had them in a playlist, one after the other, along with lots of other stuff. And every time I got to listening without paying attention closely, I never, not once, felt the slight jar of the usual transition between albums and artists. The mood of Sparks segued pretty much perfectly into Moonxine, in spite of the fact that the two artists are really quite different, musically.

It’s very synth, in that “proceeds from the ’80s better than what actually proceeded from the ’80s” way that I particularly like. And, as stated, feels contemplative. Just the sort of thing to write to, if you don’t want overbearing drive, but something that hangs back and encourages you to think through the words you’re putting down.

Download Moonxine free from Better With Music.

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Writing Music Monday: Blinded By Dust by Jahzzar

[cover] Jahzzar - Blinded by DustJavier Suarez makes his third appearance in Writing Music Mondays, with yet another piece of brilliance in yet another genre, this one nearly unclassifiable (at least to me).

Here’s what Jahzzar has to say about it:

Folk-Rock with celt music influences, in the way of [previous Jahzzar albums]”Smoke Factory” or “Home”. This is definitely the most rocking of the three and the celtic sounds that are more in the background. More distorted rhythm guitars in the style of american indie.

And here’s what I say: Blinded by Dust is like the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes film, a teenage romantic comedy set, not in the suburbs, but in a rural high school, for which he hired a Euro Bruce Springsteen to do a “typical rural American” sound.

Doesn’t make sense? Listen to it. Tell me how else to explain the combination of utterly unique yet totally familiar that is this album. (Maybe you won’t agree with the “Euro Springsteen”, maybe it’s more “Euro Mellencamp” or “Euro Neil Young”.)

However you choose to classify it, this has been in heavy rotation on my Android and my laptop, and I like it a lot for background music.

Blinded by Dust is available on Jamendo as well as the Free Music Archive. For some reason, this one is not on Jahzzar’s BandCamp page, but you can still go there, and send him money through one of the other albums to show your appreciation. 🙂

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