#Writing #Music Monday: Cinematic Volume 9: Horror and Dark Suspense by Grégoire Lourme

CoverGrégoire Lourme continues to produce amazing soundtrack music, and giving it Free Culture licenses. His early Cinematic releases tended to try to cover a broad swath of genres, but the more recent ones have become more focused, as with last month’s WMM album, Epic Choir.

Well, Volume 9: Horror and Dark Suspense is just as advertised. When I was trying to get the horror novel done in time for October publication (yeah, yet again, didn’t make it, that novel will be the death of me), this album worked perfectly to put me in the mental space for writing scenes of dread.

From the broken fairy tale opening of “Little Girl with Dark Hair” through the mounting dread of “Ad Vitam”, to the purposeful beat of “City of Crime”, every track hits those dark tones you need to set the mood for a really solid horror story.

Download Cinematic Volume 9: Horror and Dark Suspense by Grégoire Lourme free from the Internet Archive.

Creative Commons License
Cinematic Volume 9: Horror and Dark Suspense by Grégoire Lourme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Publication Day!

Spring That Never Came cover

When you’ve lost everything,
sometimes all you can do —
is save the world.

Today is the day I officially announce publication of my newest novella.

Spring That Never Came is an urban fantasy with dashes of Lovecraftian horror (squicky other-worldly beings, but not a lot of gore) that takes place in 1979 Los Angeles (and a few other dimensions).

Here’s my official synopsis:

Tammy Kirsch has had her shot at fame. She came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes and lint in her pockets and looks that would open any door in town just to try to get her onto the casting couch. After several guest roles in TV shows, one starring role in a movie that nobody saw, inadvertently dodging the mid-70s porno chic moment and keeping her dignity and reputation intact, her career sputtered to a halt.

Then she lost her daughter in a custody case, and what was left of her world came crashing down around her ears. When the crazy homeless man tried to talk to her incoherently as she was leaving the court building, that only seemed to be the cherry on top of the layered dessert of her misery. In fact, it was just the first step on her path, a path that would end with her defending the entire world from an invasion of other-dimensional eldritch horrors.

This is the work that consumed my brain through the end of April and most of May. I’m really pretty proud of it. When you read it, you’ll see why.

And it’s not just me, your humble author, who thinks it’s pretty spiffy:

“You’ll think you know where it’s going, you don’t, it’s a ride, remember to buy the photos when you stumble off.”

Stryder Dancewolffe

As of today, and through early September, it is available exclusively through Amazon.

Buy it (or if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, borrow it for free!), then leave a review, either on Amazon, at GoodReads, or both.

(And never fear: as with any and all of my work, it does have a Creative Commons license attached. Also? No DRM.)