#Writing #MusicMonday: Whiteboard Dinovisions by Pharmacopia

CoverThis week, an album of avant garde, outré jazz. I’m not kidding. To some, this may sound like nothing more than noise. You’ve been warned.

Pharmacopia is one westerner, Peter Dragotta, plus whoever is playing with him at any given time. And I feel a connection to him, not because of his difficult jazz (it’s a sound I must be in the right mood for), but because he relocated to China, a thing which I myself did once upon a time.

(Also, Dragotta was a member of the late Creative Commons jazz outfit The James Quintet, whose work I listen to quite a lot.)

But yeah, this one goes weird, as does all of Pharmacopia’s work that I know. If you go with it, though, it makes pretty good background if you’re in the right mood. And, if you listen to it attentively, it’s very clear that as weird and avant garde as it is, the musicians know what they’re doing and are doing it all to a purpose. The next great pop album this is not, and certainly not for everyday listening either.

What it is, though, is very, very good for its kind.

Give it a try.

Download Whiteboard Dinovisions by Pharmacopia from the Internet Archive.

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