#Writing #MusicMonday: Partly Cloudy by Jazz Alliance

750-partly_cloudy-cd_frontAnd suddenly we’re in the middle of an unplanned jazz streak on Music Mondays. Last week, this week, and next week you get three very different jazz albums.

It’s me. There will be jazz, with occasional other styles thrown in for variety.

Anyway, Jazz Alliance is a quartet (on some songs, they play as a trio). As far as I’ve seen Partly Cloudy is their only album, and it’s a good one. It was recorded live in two cafe concerts, and you can hear the espresso machine, clinking of cups, and a hint of crowd chatter, to give you the full ambiance. Listening to this in preparation for the post, I realized that I hadn’t been to an actual café concert in more than fifteen years. Live music in bars, yes, mostly when I lived in Shanghai, but in a cafe? Not since before I moved to Shanghai, let alone since I came back. And that’s all a long time ago.

So, for me, there was a certain amount of nostalgia in listening to this.

In fact, my only complaint is that it’s far too short. The whole album is only about thirty minutes, and I keep wanting more.

Still, I suppose I should just be grateful there’s this much, since good jazz in the Creative Commons is relatively rare (as compared to, say, techno).

Download Partly Cloudy by Jazz Alliance free from the Internet Archive.

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