#Writing #MusicMonday: When the wind has taken me away by Nakama

coverThis one was, I admit, chosen in a bit of last-minute panic. (Which then became immaterial when I neglected to post this for another week. I’ll post another album later today, and that will catch me up for the year to date.) The Rudenko album I shared last week was, I believe, the last one I’d selected ahead of time before my previous laptop died, taking with it my music library and playlists (which I might still recover, but not anytime soon, given how my life stands right now). I know some of what was on my “Potential Music Monday” playlist, but it was something like two and a half days’ worth of music, so I can’t just magically recall it, as my memory is very definitely not eidetic.

However, I had had a few things knocking around on my smartphone for a while that I still have access to, and was listening to on occasion just to listen, or with an eye toward culling some podcast music.

This is one of those latter.

It’s the one single album that “Nakama” ever released, and I know nothing about him or them except the name, and that he/she/they apparently hail from Slovakia, in spite of the Japanese name and (mostly) rather American-sounding music they make.

But this album is pretty darn good. For the most part, it’s bluesy background music (hence my having it for possible podcast use). The styles switch up every few tracks, so it’s not all blues-related, but it’s all good.

And it’s playful, as you might guess from the first track’s name.

There’s definitely repetition within each track, but again, I’m pretty sure this album is meant as background music, and none of the tracks makes me skip.

Download When the wind has taken me away free from the Internet Archive.

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