#Writing #MusicMonday: Quand les indiens attaquent by Christian Michard

coverHere we have another free culture one-album wonder, over an hour’s worth of jazz.

There are a number of tracks that have vocals, but only one in English. There are pieces that veer uncomfortably close to the dreaded “smooth” jazz. But when I listened to the album as a whole, I just couldn’t help enjoying it.

And I think that’s down to the musician(s). While it veers toward schmaltz and gloss, sometimes closer than I would personally prefer, the musicianship is so solid, so assured, that it’s hard to dislike the album. Whatever territory it might wander into on occasion, it keeps coming back to solid ground.

Playing it in the background the past several days, I kept finding myself with a smile on my face.

Download Quand les indiens attaquent free from the Internet Archive.

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