I’m not dead yet

happy-1183599_1920Well, there was two weeks of silence around these parts, but it was not due to depression or any of the other usual reasons.

Instead, I had a total hardware failure, at (of course) the worst possible time, and had to wait till now to get a new laptop up and running. The logic board or GPU on my old lappie gave up the ghost, went the way of all hardware, and took most of my non-writing data with it, at least for the moment. (I’m paranoid, so the hard drive was encrypted. Figuring out how to access that data without logging into the system directly is something I’ll need to figure out when I can spare the time and annoyance.)

Today’s my first day on the new Acer laptop, which I wiped and have, with many hiccups, installed Fedora XFCE on. I’m also trying to restore all my various preferred applications, and get a reasonable amount of music onto it. Once it’s in fighting shape, I’ve got to get through a backlog of work promised to friends (including some proof/beta reading that’s got to be done much faster than I generally can read, let alone read in depth and give intelligent notes).

Once I’ve got on top of those delayed emergencies, I’m going to go full-tilt boogie on a new novel that I did a lot of backgrounding on in my paper notebook during my exile from the digital world.

All of that said, I’m not going to let Writing Music Mondays slide. I had albums picked out for the weeks I missed (and through next week in fact, at the very least), and I’ll be writing those up and posting them sometime between now and Valentine’s Day.

As to the new novel, there’s a story behind how it came to seize my mind. And I’m probably crazy for attempting it, but the plan is to get a decent amount of planning and spadework done, and then write the first draft as fast as humanly possible (which, even if I get five or ten thousand words a day, will take the better part of a month), get it out to betas, revise as their reactions indicate, and then put it out either as one volume, or in parts. It’s going to be a long one, epic in breadth and length and scope. And the first in a series, or at least a common alternate history, even if not technically a series.

But more about that later. For now, I’m back and hale and hearty, so all two of you who were worried can relax.