#Writing #MusicMonday: Will by Agustin Strizzi Group

Will coverAgustin Strizzi is an Argentinian jazz drummer and composer who, like many jazz men, pursues multiple projects at any given time. I first discovered him through his work in the trio Gepel, shared here almost two years ago.

Will has, for me, a very ’70s feel to it. There’s a lot of jazz flute used in it (a sign of death for many, apparently, though I think it can be done well, as it is here). It detours into tinkering and “off” sounds here and there, which will be off-putting for many listeners, but in my opinion it is kept to a minimum. The musicians explore freely, but don’t actually stray so far away from the central tune that they lose it. Of course, with this sort of thing, that’s totally a subjective call.

It also has a very down feel to it, most clearly expressed in the track “Tristeza (Sadness)”, but not confined to it. There are other colors and moods throughout, but the sadness pervades the project.

Strizzi says of it:

This record [is] about my musical willingness. Searching through my most deeply paths…curiously, where I’m not alone.

It’s a bit weird, experimental and well off the mainstream track. But it’s also very professional and well done.

Download Will free from the Internet Archive.

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