#Writing #MusicMonday: I love you a bit… by Windpearl

cover(It’s the week of Thanksgiving, but this album isn’t particularly festive. There’s some darkness, some hard edges. Considering that after this, there’s going to be four to five weeks of sentimental schmaltz, I chose to do a bit of counter-programming this week.)

Windpearl is a Frenchman living in China, so I’m already prejudiced in his favor as a bit of a kindred soul.

On top of that, while he only has two albums out, they are both terribly interesting in terms of his musical taste and influences.

“I love you a bit…” is a long exploration of synth, and the title is rather a pun, as at least two of the tracks are 8-bit tunes (think “’80s video game soundtrack music”), also known as chiptunes.

Chiptunes are a thing which I don’t believe I’ve brought to Music Mondays before, actually. They’re an active subgenre in the Creative Commons, and quite possibly elsewhere, and while I mostly avoid them, I’ve heard some impressive work when I have gone dipping into that particular pool. The examples here are among the best I’ve heard.

The third track, “Nestification”, in particular, is noticeably done purely in 8-bit mode, and is very, very good.

The album as a whole isn’t dark, it’s complex, with elements of darkness scattered throughout it. It’s quite good, give it a try.

Download “I love you a bit…” free from the Internet Archive.

You can also get it from Windpearl’s BandCamp page, and send money to him at the same time, all while getting it for exactly the same license.

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