#Writing #Music Monday: Limitless by Sirius

coverBoy, my mood swings can be intense.

And I don’t even mean that I’m posting this a day late due to depression. (Though that might be a small part of it, too.)

No, what I’m actually referring to is the fact that I went through about three other albums in my head, each a jarringly different genre, over this past weekend while trying to decide what to post for Writing Music Monday this week. I was tempted by some jazz, then some classical, then a solo piano album.

And yet I landed on techno. Not my favorite genre, not by a long shot, yet here I am. Go figure.

Make no mistake, this is dance club, repetitious, throbbing techno.

And yet, it’s also really good. I hear in it traces of the ’80s-style electronica I adore, and even like the techno clichés as they happen. Instead of being the sort of dance club music that seems to insist on getting up in your face and being a rude boor, it mostly is content to do what it’s doing without all the posturing designed to provoke reactions. It’s putting music together, more so than simply expressing attitude and hoping for reaction, even negative reaction.

I don’t know anything about Sirius, the artist who made this album, but Limitless is his (her?) most recent release on Jamendo, and he has music going all the way back to 2007. So far back that the first one has a Generation One Creative Commons license, one of the old, confusing ones. Apart from the body of work, and the Jamendo profile saying that he’s French, I know nothing.

But the work is good. The work is very good. Good enough to overcome my bias against techno despite making no attempt to disguise its techno-ness.

Somehow, it just hits my mood right this week.

Download Limitless by Sirius free from the Internet Archive.

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