#Writing #Music Monday: Cinematic Volume 10 Epic Choir by Gregoire Lourme

CoverI’ve shared some of Gregoire Lourme’s soundtrack work before. He only gets better with each release, and this is his latest and arguably his best.

Cinematic Volume 10 is subtitled Epic Choir, and it is completely epic. You can’t listen to these tracks without imagining yourself on horseback, sword drawn, charging at hordes of undefeatable enemies.

I’m currently wrestling with a high fantasy novel (Ex-Ministers of Fate) that subverts the genre in a few ways, but when I downloaded and started playing this album, the wrestling became a bit less urgent, and the story worked with me a little more.

In fact, one of the tracks is going to be used in the book trailer, if I get my act together and actually make one. (The joy of Free Culture licensing — I already have the license to do this!)

It flows, it stirs the blood, it excites the soul.

If that’s what you need for your writing today, what the heck are you waiting for!?

Download Cinematic Volume 10: Epic Choir free from the Internet Archive.

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