Group nouns

In a private forum, some friends and I were being silly, which led to this.

Everybody knows that a group of lions is a pride, and a group of crows is a murder. In the same vein, I once heard a group of girls, especially teenage girls, should be called “a giggle of girls”. Hard to argue that one.

But we came up with some political ones.

  • A deception of leftists. (I can’t bring myself to call people who want to tell me what to say and think and how I can and cannot make use of my own property “liberals”.)
  • A snit of social conservatives.
  • A posture of libertarians.

I’m kinda proud to have come up with the libertarian one, considering I basically am one. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you have problems.

Also, I can’t decide between two for “progressives”. The obvious one is “a rage”, but I’m more inclined to “a fleck”, implying both insignificance and “foaming at the mouth”.

Additional suggestions are, of course, welcome in the comments.