#Writing #Music Monday: A Man Who Knows What I’ll Do In A Moment by Sixpro (6PRO)

CoverThe irritating thing about emergent order is that things don’t turn out the way you want or expect, or the way anybody wants or expects.

Wait. Why in hell am I talking about economic theory in a Writing Music Monday post?

Because all culture is a product of emergent order, and because this somewhat explains a recurring, implicit lament of mine.

I have said, more than once, that I love the otherworldliness of late 1970s, early 1980s synth music. Vangelis, Kraftwerk, the soundtrack to Fletch, Brad Fiedel’s work, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter’s soundtrack compositions, and so many others. But I also intensely dislike most (not all) techno, the modern descendent of that type of music.

(Which is quite funny, given that I attended a number of early raves where techno was more or less born, but that’s a whole other story.)

I listen to the early synth works, and inevitably dream of a different direction that sort of music could have gone, had the culture been more optimistic (among innumerable other factors).

But the order that emerged out of the rave scene was techno, and house, and industrial, and that’s just how it went. I don’t get my way, and that’s life, welcome to it.

However, the Creative Commons and open source music production is allowing other, nearly infinite new orders to emerge. And one of those is a class of “techno” that, when I find it, I end up loving like the never-existed music I dream could have emerged from early synth.

Now it exists.

Here is one more example to add to the collection, the one and only album from Polish artist SixPro (6PRO).

His “about” explains:

Music is my passion. Always accompanied me. At home, on my bike, at work, in the car … everywhere. I am interested in any interesting music. From the musical genres such as trance, chillout, ambient, psybient, classic electronic music in a completely radically different genres as jazz, smoot jazz, acoustic, and so on. I do not have a preferred style. Depending on my mood, emotions, physical state of mind, I choose myself what I currently want.

My interest in music stretches beyond just listening. For some time I make music. My current work is in the area of electronic music. I’m interested in creating melodic instrumental music with elements of trance and tracks of ambient and chillout genre. I hope that my work you enjoy it and will share with me your thoughts :).

Well, my thoughts are that this album is great, the music is perfect for writing to or just listening to. If you’re in the right mood, you might even make one of the tracks your personal theme music for a day or more.

Sixpro’s soundscapes are complex, well-integrated, and pleasing. Each track is a journey, and each journey is one worth taking, over and over again.

Download A Man Who Knows What I’ll Do In A Moment free from Jamendo.

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