#Writing #Music Monday: Kumaneko E.P. by Kumaneko

[cover] Kumaneko - Kumaneko E.PThere is zero information I can find about this artist or group. I presume, from their name and the style of most of their music that they are Japanese.

Due to one thing and another, I haven’t been posting albums in the order I originally planned, so, a word of warning: This is one of the “outside my comfort zone” albums I referenced back in March. It will not be to everybody’s taste.

But Kumaneko E.P. is, nevertheless, absolutely wonderful writing background music, if you are in the proper mood for it. (Yes, that is rather a big “if”, I realize.)

There is music on the album, but if you’re listening for melody, you’ll quickly tire of the repetition. What you really need to listen for are the rhythms. And, in a very Japanese way, for the silences between the beats. If you go in prepared for that, you should be open to what this album offers.

It’s a bit out there, and unusual, but I’ve found it really works as background for me.

Download Kumaneko E.P. free from Jamendo.

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