#Writing #Music Monday: Back to the Source by Tradmark

Back To The Source CoverHere’s an hour of music that’s not what you expect, in a good way, even as you’re listening to it.

Tradmark doesn’t say much about himself anywhere that I’ve found, but he appears to be a one-man show in the Midwestern USA. His music is an amalgam of jazz, techno, and new wave synth, and it all works together quite well.

Take the first track, “Mood for December Rendered”. Starts off as a lonely saxophone cityscape piece of jazz, but transitions seamlessly into upbeat new wave synth, keeping the sax throughout for texture.

Pretty much the whole album does this, and just as well.

Probably my favorite thing this album does is the way it sets up your expectations as a listener, and then uses those expectations to surprise you. From the pause in “Mood for December Rendered” to the abrupt ending of “Live for Freedom”, to several others I won’t spoil, it’s almost like Tradmark is in dialogue with you as you listen, and keeps surprising you with his wit when you think you have his position pegged. It’s very nice.

Download Back to the Source free from Jamendo.

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