#Writing #Music Monday: Rooftop Considerations by K4MMERER

Rooftop Considerations CoverI’m telling you right now: download the whole album, but then make a playlist that drops the second track from it for when you’re writing.

Unless you’re writing a murder scene.

You’ll understand why when you hear it.

K4MMERER (AKA Kämmerer) is a Swedish composer of electronic music who (like the past couple of artists shared here) has been around Creative Commons music for years, and been more than slightly prolific.

Rooftop Considerations (2012) is his seventeenth release, and an interesting blend of techno, early-style synth, and trance. It is contemplative without becoming newage dreck at any point. It hits a mood, then plays around with that mood in a surprising array of variations. The dark undertones (and overtones) make this a good choice for writing something with foreboding, dread, or regret, but probably not for romantic comedy.

If you want the whole album in a single track, give “The Peaceful Distance” a listen.

Rooftop Considerations is free to download from Jamendo.

Creative Commons License
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