#Writing #Music Monday: Tiempos Pasados by J.Blasco

CoverJ.Blasco is another prolific Creative Commons musician, but he’s still active. (Really active — his last release was within the past three weeks.)

Yet, while he’s been active for a long time, I only recently listened to any of his work. And he’s good. He is so good, I’m giving you a new-age-y, smooth-jazz-y album and assuring you that, no, really, it’s worthwhile.

Oh, sure, it’s background music. But it’s superior background music, it has thought and wit and style behind it, instead of endlessly repeating loops.

The one track you may want to alter or remove is the penultimate one, “Sinfonia nº 2 J.Blasco”. It’s a lovely piece, IMO, but the ending is very odd, and abrupt. I’m reasonably sure that it was done purposely, but it is a bit jarring. But that’s only about thirty seconds on a track of six and a half minutes, and an album of over forty-seven minutes. Easily fixed/changed/ignored, and well worth everything else that comes with it, even so.

If you give yourself over to the mood of this album, I doubt you’ll regret it. It’s dreamy, moody, and very much worth writing to. Happy writing!

Download Tiempos Pasados by J.Blasco from Jamendo, or from the Internet Archive.

Tiempos Pasados by J.Blasco is released under a Free Art License 1.3 (FAL 1.3), also known as a Libre Art License (LAL).

This license is compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution–Share-Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.