#Writing #Music Monday: La vie sous la mer by Bruce H. McCosar

[cover] Bruce H. McCosar - La vie sous la merAnother album from prolific Creative Commons musician Bruce H. McCosar, and possibly his jazziest.

It’s an odd thing, but I have no middle ground with jazz organ. It’s either great, or an abomination. I’m unsure why this is, other than it seems to be an instrument that easily lends itself to cheesiness, of a very ’70s variety, and that sets me off.

Yet here is the second or third album I’ve shared with heavy use of jazz organ, and I love it. It’s got that smoky jazz dive feeling, like you’re in a club near midnight and a quartet is doing their thing, and you’re just soaking in the ambiance of the place.

In addition, it’s an instrumental album that is a collection of stories. McCosar originally made a PDF of those stories or inspirations available through his blog, but that blog is gone, as is the PDF. The best I can offer the reader is this summary, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

  1. The Strange Lady I Met on the Shore
    Jekyll Island, Georgia, United States: 1986.
    The story begins at the end. In a way, it’s a haunting.
  2. La vie sous la mer (or, the Mermaid Wife)
    Shelmerston, England: 1836.
    Every legend contains a bit of truth.
  3. The Night Jenny Saved the Sailors
    North Atlantic Ocean: 1917.
    Three ships, lost in the fog, and danger hides beneath the surface.
  4. Enfin du sommeil
    Gainesville, Florida, United States: 2007.
    Your humble storyteller takes a moment to reflect on the long journey.
  5. It’s Always Raining Somewhere
    A Port City on the North Atlantic Ocean: 1949.
    The last commercial tall ship comes in to port: farewell to an age.
  6. Hypothermia / The Illusion of Warmth
    Greenland Ice Sheet: 1930.
    Many scientists at Eismitte heard rumors of a ruined, ancient city, glimpsed occasionally during storms. Or heard, faintly, the ringing of a distant, yet unsettling, bell ….
  7. Werewolf
    Near Bayonne, France: 1610.
    Falsely accused and hunted, a fugitive meets “le Maître de la Fôret” and strikes a deal.
  8. 150 Years Later (The Mermaid Wife II)
    Haven, Georgia: 1986.
    Searching for history, finding only folktales.

The order of the tracks seems to have changed just before publication a bit, but still, entirely intriguing, no?

Download La vie sous la mer free from Jamendo.

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