#Writing #Music Monday: Oh Holy Night (Volume 1) by Ronny Matthes

Oh Holy Night (Volume 1) CoverI have trimmed both the title and the artist name considerably to keep them intelligible, because the extra was mostly German for “Christmas Music”.

This album is nearly an hour’s worth of quality Christmas tunes, both original and traditional, and while at times it verges upon Mannheim Steamroller cheesiness, it only does that a few times. On the whole, it is entirely pleasing and in the mood of the season.

I don’t know much about Ronny Matthes other than that he’s German, and that he’s put a lot of music out for free, under various names, but, alas, as with this album, he locks it up under restrictive licenses. Still, you can download it and enjoy it entirely for free (or order it through German Amazon, linked on the album page, if you would like to send money his way), and that’s no bad thing.

Download Oh Holy Night (Volume 1) from Jamendo.

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