#Writing #Music Monday: Christmas Music and CHRISTMAS TWO by PAIO

[cover] PAIO - Christmas MusicPAIO is a Polish composer, and he has released two short albums of Christmas tunes to the Creative Commons. I’m giving you both of them, because together they come in at less than half an hour.

It’s synth work, and apparently created quite some time ago, but apart from being occasionally a bit cloying for my tastes, it works very well for background music that sounds right for the season (at least, if your tastes run less to jazz than mine do, and more to Mannheim Steamroller). Some of PAIO’s other work sounds a bit video-gamey to me, but not this. It works for the festive, snowy mood, even if you’re like me, in a climate where there is no snow, just rain, and “festive” is less the norm than the exception.

You can download Christmas Music and CHRISTMAS TWO from Jamendo.

Creative Commons License
Christmas Music and CHRISTMAS TWO by PAIO are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.