Writing Music Monday: Fear by Adam Gordon

CoverHere’s an album I only just downloaded. Well, not true. I’d downloaded it a week or three ago, but hadn’t unzipped it and listened to it.

Then today came, and I was thinking “It’s Monday, I have to do a Writing Music Monday post, and I am just not in the mood.” I opened up Clementine, played a few tracks from artists I know I like in my playlist for potential Writing Music Monday shares, and even though most of it was good, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I’m like that. The wrong mood can keep me from not only enjoying, but actually experiencing in a meaningful way, things that I otherwise like.

So I went mucking about in my Music directory, and realized I had downloaded several albums that I had not yet unzipped and gotten into Clementine for a listen.

Which led, several steps later, to my thinking that I should post this.

I’m not going to say whether I like it or not, because I am so clearly In A Mood that my judgement today will certainly not apply to it later, at least in the sense of whether I’ll personally enjoy it or not.

What I will say is that Fear by Adam Gordon is weird. It marries things that ought not to go together well. Or at all.

And yet, it does all go together, if you allow for the artist intentionally playing with contrasts and conflicts among the tools he’s using. Looking at it from that perspective, it works.

The tags he put on the album for Jamendo include “electronic, soundtrack, ambient, orchestral,” and “dubstep”, and I would add in disco, edm, and probably a few other things that aren’t occurring to me right this moment.

It’s like ’80s synth crashed into ’00s techno dance music, careened off a film orchestra, and started leaking disco glitter balls. Which almost certainly doesn’t make any sense, but you go listen to it and see if you can describe it better.

Interestingly, there’s a healthy mix of purely synth instruments and real analog instruments. There’s only one synth of a real instrument that sounds bad, and that only briefly on the final track.

Gordon says of himself, on his website:

I’m a composer, guitarist, vocalist, traveller but for mostly a bass player. I used to play and record in Europe and USA over the years. I was honoured to collaborate with incredible and talented bands and performers[.]

You can download Fear by Adam Gordon from Jamendo.

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