Writing Music Monday: Adovabadàn Jazz Band… by Adovabadan

[cover] Adovabadan - adovabadan 2009I have been in a funk over the past several days, so to counter my own wretched mood I decided to share something jaunty.

This, the only Creative Commons release by Adovabadan, is a sweet melding of ragtime, dixieland, and swing jazz, and the band clearly had fun doing it.

According to one of the band’s sites:

Adovabadan is an ancient Assyrian-Babylonian word which translated would be “take i[t] easy”.

The idea of this project arised in 2005 rolling out the encounter between Franz Falanga and Isaac De Martin.

Recently, the idea has been gained of the quintet as well as it is today, a revision to the phenomenal Hot Club de France.

A Band purely rhythmic, finely embroidered with melodic lines of clarinet and banjo pastel strokes characterize the sounds of another era, almost a trip back in time to rediscover music that has marked the history and development of Jazz.

While I wouldn’t put this effort in the same league as the Hot Club de France (there is only one Django Reinhardt; ditto Stephane Grapelli), it certainly does the memory of that collection of French jazz fans and performers proud.

Download Adovabadan Jazz Band free from Jamendo.


Creative Commons License
Adovabadàn Jazz Band… by Adovabadan Jazz Band is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

(Apparently the band has changed the licensing, because my copy is CC BY-SA. Another nice thing about Creative Commons licensing — once you have a work under a particular license, it doesn’t matter if the artist later changes it; your copy is under that license in perpetuity.)