Writing Music Monday: Cinematic Volume 4 Epic Soundtracks by Grégoire Lourme

CoverI don’t post enough orchestral or soundtrack-type music, I know. I’m a jazz nut, and soundtracky Creative Commons music often tends to the lazy or the cheap-sounding (some of the worst I’ve heard sound like mid-’80s low-budget Hong Kong movie soundtracks).

But Grégroire Lourme is different. While you can often tell that the orchestra is synthetic, he nearly always makes it work, and his compositions are professional and occasionally quite inspired. In fact, I feel a bit lax for not having posted a second album of his works before now.

Well, consider the situation remedied.

Lourme tends to do albums by theme, and this is indeed epic music. But he also has one stand out per album, usually. Something different, often superior to the very good music around it. And this one has “Once Upon A Time”, which I keep going back to. It would make amazing trailer music for the right movie or book.

But don’t just listen to that one track. The whole album is evocative, as well as epic. And very, very good to write to.

(Well, unless you’re writing a horror novel, which is my current project.)

Download Cinematic Volume 4 Epic Soundtracks by Grégoire Lourme from Jamendo.

And get writing!

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