Writing Music Monday: THE SWING OF THINGS by Paolo Pavan

The Swing of Things CoverPaolo Pavan continues to be one of the treasures of Creative Commons music. His latest album, THE SWING OF THINGS, is no disappointment.

Pavan has been releasing new material into the commons since (at least) 2007, averaging a new full album every two years or so. And there has not been a dud among them, even as each collection of pieces has its own identity and style.

This album brings four guest musicians (including his collaborator on previous Writing Music Monday album UP, Pasqualino Ubaldini, a welcome guest indeed) to his usual quartet, and together they go exploring several themes in ways further from “smooth jazz” than and closer to what I would call real jazz than some of his other work.

And while it was recorded at his home and mixed by himself and Davide Roberto Pavan*, the whole thing sounds very professional with the exception of some deliberate personal touches. For instance, you can hear the valves working on the tenor sax in “Nobody Sleep”, which does not come off unprofessional at all, but rather intimate. Like you’re getting a concert for one, even.

In short: New Paolo Pavan — what are you waiting for!?

You can download THE SWING OF THINGS by Paolo Pavan Quartet from Jamendo.

Creative Commons License
THE SWING OF THINGS by Paolo Pavan Quartet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

* Note: I conflated two names, originally. Davide Roberto is the percussionist on the album, not the recording mixer.

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