Writing Music Tuesday: bunk by Jahzzar

bunk CoverI’ve been sick the past several days. Not mortally ill or anything, but enough to be distracting, irritating, and yesterday I hopped myself up on Benadryl so that I could breathe without blowing my nose every ten seconds. Benadryl sends my brain of to some OtherSpace where it floats hither and yon, bumping gently into many thoughts but unable to hold on to any one for longer than a minute or two.

So, I meant to post yesterday, but it just did not happen.

And even today, sans Benadryl, I’m not braining too good. So if the following doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, ignore it and go listen to the music, which is the main point in any event.

With bunk, today’s album, Jahzzar has now appeared in five different Writing Music posts. I note that particularly because it is, in some ways, a companion album to the very first of his that I shared with you, Wake Up. Where that first album was the bright and happy side of ’80s style synth, today’s album is darker, slower, and more lonely feeling.

Here’s what Jahzzar himself (Javier Suarez, in his non-superhero identity) has to say about it:

Bunk is a collection of beats. It’s instrumental hip hop and ambient. Minimalism and maximalism. To explain it, is better to imagine a triangle. In one vertex we would have r’n’b: The Weeknd, Drake or araabMUZIK (even). In another, the maximalism of people like Flying Lotus, Rustie, amor,est. or Mouse on Mars. Dreamer Tokyo may also be included in this vertex. The last vertex would be for the minimalist ambient: Alva Noto, Balam Acab, Nicolas Jaar electro …
Arguably, Bunk tries to find the middle point within this triangle.

It’s not something I listen to all the time, but when the mood is right and I need the dark of ’80s post-apocalyptic synth, it usually works.

You can download bunk in almost any format you like, as well as sending some well-deserved money Jahzzar’s way, through BandCamp.

Alternately, you can get it in either MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format from Jamendo, absolutely free.

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