Writing Music Monday: Nothing but Gonzo by GONZO GONZALES

[cover] GONZO GONZALES - Nothing but GonzoThis one really is not going to be for everybody. As should become clear.

I usually explain my love of jazz by including a cutoff date: 1960. If it was recorded prior to that year, I generally like or love it. If it post-dates that year, I probably dislike it, though there are any number of exceptions.

What I especially find tedious is all the “fusion” that came from Miles Davis’s late-1960s works, like “In a Silent Way” and (especially) Bitches Brew. I admire Davis himself, and either of those works I can listen to if I’m in the right mood. But almost anything derived from or inspired by them, I just don’t have the right mind or background to even begin to appreciate.

So it’s odd that I enjoyed this at all, because it proceeds pretty directly from that period and style.

But I did enjoy it, and it makes for good background while writing or outlining, at least for me, at least for the mood I’ve been in the past few days.

GONZO GONZALES looks to be a German band (go figure), and they have four albums on Jamnedo. Nothing but Gonzo was recorded in 2003, and released on Jamendo in 2007.

Nothing but Gonzo is free to download from Jamendo.

Nothing but Gonzo by GONZO GONZALES is available under a Libre Art License (AKA a Free Art License).