Music Monday: Nevertheless by Pur:Pur, 2013

Nevertheless coverPur:Pur is one of my favorite musical discoveries of the past several years. They’re a Russian/Ukrainian band (no political overtones at all to their music, at least not English songs, which are most of it), they give their albums away for free, the lead singer is utterly entrancing while being just a bit too “off” in some indefinable way for her to be immediately beautiful. And they expand and explore their range in lots of interesting ways, including musically.

Even if you liked their earlier works, Pur:Pur’s Nevertheless might not work for you. I am an unabashed nut for them, and it took me several months of listening to warm up to this one. Now, of course, I love it. But it takes some getting used to. You have been warned. (And promised, because it is worth the effort.)

Previously they were a trio; beginning with this album they are a quintet. But that’s just the most superficial change they have made. Each track on this album is an experiment, looking for, finding, and expanding the boundaries of what the band had previously done, musically, lyrically, structurally. As I said, they go so far afield that it takes some getting used to. It’s experimental, but in a good way, in my opinion.

Here’s what they say about it:

The album Nevertheless — is the result of months of searching, testing the durability of friendship, experiments with sound and a dynamic creative team.

All of the complexity, magic and creativity were absorbed by the nine tracks on this record. Some of them were performed during Jazz Koktebel festival last fall. Some of them were played some time ago acoustically and some of the songs are seeing daylight for the first time.

Nevertheless — is the second full-fledged album of Pur:Pur. The first one named Pure was created two years ago. The pause between the two albums was filled with a search for the new sound which in time the band found themselves recording several mini-albums. The acoustic soul of Pur:Pur was changing and eventually morphed towards a new rock ‘experience’. Insinuating tones transformed into mysterious post-rock and electronic paraphrasing. As a result of these transformations, the chamber trio became a full-blown developed electronic band.

If you’re not sure whether it will grow on you or not, try this: Go and listen to one track, just one: “Little by Little“, track 2. Listen to it two or three times straight through. If you get to the end of that thinking that they might be on to something, download the album and listen to it once a week or so. It will almost certainly grow on you, too. If not, well, you gave it a chance, at least.

(Ideally, of course, you should listen to the entire album.)

You can download Nevertheless by Pur:Pur from Russian site Kroogi (page is [mostly] in English) in MP3 or WAV formats.

You can also download it in lossless WAV format from SoundCloud.


I can’t find it now, but there used to be a page on Pur:Pur’s site saying that they were totally cool with people doing just about anything with their music, they just wanted to get heard as widely as they possibly could. They have not, to date, formally adopted Creative Commons licensing, however, so if you want to use it in your Youtube videos or movie or whatever, you should make every effort to contact them through their site or social media feeds to arrange that. (For what it’s worth, I have sent multiple emails over time seeking clarification, and/or asking if they will adopt CC licensing, and never gotten a response. Possibly I got spam filtered, I don’t know.)

Pur:Pur’s official website.

Their Twitter feed: @purpurpeople.

Their Facebook page.

Their Youtube channel.