Writing Music Monday: Galaxy by Jahzzar

Cover[Stupid me, I forgot to hit “post” last week. So, here, a week late, this fine fine album.]

We need to come to an understanding on something.

I hate disco.

Despise it.

There are a handful of good disco songs, but I mean that fairly literally — I can count the number of “good disco songs” on one hand.

So when Javier Suarez posted this “disco” album some time ago, I was leery. Figured it would be one of his projects that just didn’t click with me.

How wrong I was.

Galaxy somehow manages to be disco and excellent at the same time, and I still don’t know how Jahzzar did it. I can listen to the whole thing, beginning to end, without pause. Normally, I can’t even do that with a single disco track, let alone an album.

Of course, it’s not really disco. It’s Suarez taking influence from disco, as well as other, related sources, and doing his magic to create excellent, excellent music.

You can get Galaxy through Bandcamp in just about any format you want, as well as sending appreciative money Jahzzar’s direction. You can also download it from Jamendo in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format, whichever is your default.

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