Writing Music Monday: FLUX by FAFNIRROCKSON

CoverThis is me being weird again. I really can’t explain it.

I don’t like techno, house, or stuff like that. It’s all “thumpathumpa”, an assault on the ears and on clear thinking.

Yet the first label the artist applies to this album is techno, and I really, really dig it. Love to have it in the background when I am reading or writing.

Now, as is well-known, I do like ’80s-style synth music, but this doesn’t really sound like that. Maybe a playful derivative of it (he said, trying to rationalize his appreciation back to his actual tastes in music). But really, it is rather techno, and yet I enjoy it much.

I know nothing of the artist, so here’s what he says of himself:

FAFNIRROCKSON is a solo artist from Germany.

The overstudied and stressed guitarist has committed himself primarily to electronic music.

His music cannot be fixed to a certain style. Rather it is a very creative and unconventional interpretation of different styles.

You can listen to and/or download FLUX on Jamendo.

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