Writing Music Monday: Kogani by Suerte

[cover] Suerte - KoganiHere’s more jazz (try to contain your shock) from a French quartet, and again it has a Middle Eastern flavor.

The adaptability of jazz is a constant source of interest to me. Here it is being clearly Middle Eastern (clear to my ear, anyway). I also know many wonderful pieces that are in fact Chinese folk melodies, yet they sit within the jazz language with perfect comfort.

But back to Suerte’s album, Kogani. It is thirty-six minutes of jazzy goodness, though a few tracks may be a bit modern for non-jazz fans. Nothing so aggressively difficult to follow as Bitches Brew or “In A Silent Way”, but they wander in that direction. Apart from that, if you don’t like that sort of thing, it’s very good, professionally played, and works very well to set a mood.

Download Kogani from Jamendo.

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