Writing Music Monday: UP by Paolo Pavan and Pasqualino Ubaldini

CoverI futzed out last week, but oh well.


This album is a rather eclectic collection of individual pieces done in collaboration between two Creative Commons artists, Paolo Pavan (a favorite of mine, who has had one album in WMM already) and Pasqualino Ubaldini, whom I did not know prior to his collaboration with Pavan.

They initially did one song at a time, recording and releasing it alone, then grouped them all into this album. The songs are in wildly different styles, from middle-eastern-sounding to one track clearly meant to be a soundtrack piece for silent comedy. (That would be “Man On The Clock”, in case the kazoo and the jaunty syncopation didn’t tip you off.)

And yet, as weird and wide as the influences are, the thing holds together as a coherent whole.

Download UP from Jamendo.

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