Writing Music Monday: Flow by Zell

[cover] Zell - FlowHere is an album I downloaded more than a year ago, don’t recall listening to, and just listened to today because I thought I had queued up something else.

It’s not perfect, but it appears to be Christian Zell’s first release. And the one track I had issues with (repetitive) can be skipped.

The rest is perfectly inoffensive, and even pleasing, background music with a dose of ’80s–style synth for flavor. It worked for me today.

As for the artist, there is nothing of him beyond his works on Jamendo, and the fact that his name appears to be common in Germany, as well as being a musical name — there was an instrument maker with the same name in Deutschland a few hundred years ago. So, perhaps it is his real name, or perhaps it is a pseudonym. Either way, by using a Free Culture license, he might just achieve immortality through his work. 🙂

Flow is available for download through Jamendo, and possibly via many torrent sites (quite legally, via the Creative Commons license).

Creative Commons License
Flow by Zell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.