I don’t go in for new years’ resolutions, usually. People who talk rarely do, in my experience. They go on and on and on about how great things will be, but never get there. People who do rarely talk overmuch. For better or worse, in my head, talking tends to ruin or deflate doing.

But my life has to change. So I wrote out this list (haven’t actually talked about it), and it’s going here to try to shame myself into the doing. Along with some commentary.

I will no longer let depression kick my ass and stop every damn thing I do from getting to finished. [I used to be good at pushing through depression and just getting stuff done. Not so much, lately.]

I will put out one piece of fiction every month. [Of course, I promised myself to start doing this last August. So, that’s worked out really well so far.]

I will try to make each piece at least forty thousand words long. [This probably falls under the category of “yeah, right!”]

I will not hate myself the months when I put out less than that amount. [Same category, more than likely.]

I will publish nonfiction. [This is close to happening. I’m working on a Bitcoin/cryptocurrency primer for people who don’t know where to begin.]

I will finish at least three novels. [Old Weird Charley and Gifted for sure. Possibly one of my Nanowrimo false starts from years past, as well.]

I will begin to market my writing. [I. Hate. Marketing. But I damn well have to learn it.]

I will begin writing pieces to coincide with holiday seasons. [I have an excellent piece I meant to finish for Halloween this year, which will now get done for 2014.]

I will improve my art and design skills. [Or have enough cash to pay someone to do decent covers for me.]

I will learn an instrument. Probably guitar. [And I mean taking actual lessons and stuff.]

I will try to learn piano, as well. [Keyboarding skills are necessary for synthesizer compositions.]

I will begin to make my own music. [I like the idea of doing soundtracks for my own writing. For some upcoming projects, I’m going to put together some Creative Commons soundtracks, but making my own would be nice, as well.]

I will start consulting with small businesses, helping them get onto Linux and other open source software, and to determine whether to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. [Part of me shrieks “Hell no!”, because I’m not an expert. But I’ve been using various Linux distros since 2004, so I know more than most people do.]

I will get the hell out of California. And, if at all possible, the USA. [But I’ve been saying this for three years or more, so…]

And that’s it for now. I’m in a bad situation, I need to get out of it, and nothing and nobody will pull me out, so any bootstraps I find I’m gonna pull on like a desperate bastard.