Music Monday: Cracker LIVE

Changing things up this week, because what the world needs now is a new kind of tension, ’cause the old one just bores me to death. Also, I needed to rock out, and you get the benefit.

Cracker was one of the very best things to come out of the ’90s, and David Lowery and company are still together, doing gigs and kicking ass.

Like a lot of bands, they’ve given permission to post recordings of their live shows to the Internet Archive. Lots and lots and lots of those shows have been posted, going back twenty years, and this is one of the most recently posted, although the performance is a couple of years old.

Cracker Live at Body English @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on 2011-09-12 is fairly typical of their live gigs. The sound is a bit more rough than their studio sessions, and there’s a good mix of their work, from the first album up through their most recent releases, with a couple of Camper van Beethoven songs thrown in near the end. (Front man David Lowery was also one of the founders of CvB.)

(Though there is no explicit licensing, I believe treating it as a CC BY-NC-ND would be appropriate.)