Music Monday: little pieces for Christmas by Sam Leopard

[cover] Sam leopard - Little pieces for christmasOK, I was wrong, I’m goofing off and procrastinating, so I do have time to do a post today.

Little pieces for Christmas is almost as oddball as I am. It might just as well be titled “A New Wave Christmas”. It is heavy on the synth. Really heavy. Not quite ’80s sounding, but close.

Here’s what the artist, the clearly-using-his-real-name-no-really-he-actually-is Sam Leopard, has to say, thanks to Google Translate:

I change some registry with this album, I tried to christmas music and offers this series of simple pieces and good children. An album without frills, just the opportunity to celebrate the magic and atmosphere of Christmas.

So if you’re having a very non-traditional holiday, give Little pieces for Christmas a try.

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