Writing Music Monday: Space Chem Soundtrack by Evan LE NY

[cover] Evan LE NY - SpaceChemHere’s a nice little album to listen to. The license locks it up so that you can’t do more than listen to or share it, but that makes sense — it’s the soundtrack to a commercial video game.

The soundtrack for Space Chem is by a Frenchman named Evan LE NY, and it’s entirely pleasant, even the so-short-you-might-miss-them tracks. It’s so good it could be the soundtrack to a film.

It has a feeling of epic, but also a “let’s get the job done” vibe (appropriate to the game, it turns out). Orchestral, with some choral elements, sense of wonder and discovery, and bits of suspense as well.

All in all, a worthy 24-ish minutes of writing music.

Space Chem is available from Jamendo.

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