Writing Music Monday: globalenemy by subatomicglue

subatomicglue - globalenemy - CDThis one is a last-minute decision. I’d been planning to include a different album, a very popular one on Jamendo. But in looking at the album’s page, two of the reviews claimed that it stole tracks from other artists with no attribution. I went and listened, and they were correct.

Apparently some people, even when they get stuff for free, can’t bring themselves to give credit where credit is due.

One of the tracks was from this album, and it was one I liked, so I listened to the rest of the album, and ended up liking it as well. After it grew on me.

So. Here we are.

globalenemy by subatomicglue is all synth, often coming off as techno (but mostly not in a bad way). It was composed and recorded in 2000, and it tells a bit of a story (in, thankfully, a non-intrusive way; you can simply listen and enjoy without worrying about the story):

midnight mauraders, stealthy beings of the earth strive to bring existance as we know it to a shattering end. lite and airy with menacing undertones.

Don’t let that scare you, give it a try. It’s good, evocative, and sets a mood. Definitely worthwhile.

[NOTE: Although I found this album and group through Jamendo, I am not linking to it there. The album download is broken, leaving out five tracks in the middle. This, alas, is but one more unintended consequence of Jamendo’s 2012 redesign and “improvement”. The download is to subatomicglue’s own site, but since there has been no activity there since early 2012, either, I will likely upload the whole thing to the Internet Archive as a public backup, just in case the band’s site goes dark.]

UPDATE 2016: I have, indeed, uploaded the lossless files to the Internet Archive, so you can get the album as FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, or MP3 files.

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