Writing Music Monday: No More Faith by Jose Travieso

[cover] JOSE TRAVIESO - No More FaithI should really listen to more of Jose Travieso’s work. He’s pretty good, pushes himself into areas he does not seem comfortable with, and puts out a lot of work.

That’s part of the problem. He’s just so prolific that it’s daunting to the newcomer.

Well, you’re probably new to him, and I’m telling you to give this a try. No More Faith captures some of his extensive range, and it’s quite good.

There is a mixture of classical (almost baroque) with nearly-atonal noise. And it works. At least, for me it does. (And if I’m having a day where nearly-atonal will be a distraction, I just drop the Shinagami’s Dream pieces from the playlist.)

Give it a try.

(You can also listen to it on SoundCloud, but it’s marked with a much more restrictive license.)

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