Writing Music Monday: Gennevilliers by Lovely Girls Are Blind

[cover] Lovely Girls Are Blind - GennevilliersGenerally speaking, I have issues with any art form or movement that defines itself by what it is not. I get that, sometimes, there’s no clear philosophy driving various people who band together, and a “post-whatever” label makes sense, at least for a time. But it still bugs me.

That said, I seem to quite enjoy “postrock” quite a bit, at least in the tastes of it I get through Creative Commons licensed music.

Gennevilliers by Lovely Girls Are Blind is that group’s second appearance in Writing Music Mondays, and also their second album, recorded in 2006, apparently in the town the EP is named after. There are but three tracks, yet they add up to just about thirty full minutes of music.

And apart from “postrock”, I don’t really know how to describe it. Contemplative, emotional, it captures and ebb and flow of some kind, and does so in a way that you can focus on and enjoy, or push to the background while you concentrate, and it (mostly) won’t interfere with what you’re doing.

In fact, this, for me, might be the definitive LGAB release. I don’t dislike any of them, but this one seems to hit the sweet spot of whatever it is I like about their compositions and performance.

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One thought on “Writing Music Monday: Gennevilliers by Lovely Girls Are Blind

  1. Hi, this is Sébastien, from Lovely Girls Are Blind. Thanks for the kind words. As you like this EP, maybe you’ll be happy to know that we just released a new mix for the Gennevilliers EP. It’s still doesn’t sound as good as a Steely Dan record but it’s way better than the 2006 mix! You can grab it on our website : http://lgab.tk/.

    Thanks for listening!

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