Writing Music Monday: Visions of Utopia by Zephanie Oblivion

Visions of Utopia coverHere’s what you want if you need some driving, tuneful, upbeat power pop without any voices or lyrics while you write.

It’s not actually something I play when I’m writing much, but I do put it on loud when walking, sometimes, when I’m thinking but need background music of a certain tone. And, while a bit repetitive in a GarageBand-y way, Zephanie Oblivion never lets it get irritating or boring. There’s a… baseline of repitition, but it’s always going somewhere, exploring something, and is lightyears better than what I chance to hear on various radios when I’m out and about.

At present, so far as I can discern, Visions of Utopia is only available through Jamendo, but you’ll want to go to Oblivion’s blog post for the album and download the cover art there, it’s much, much better than the cover on Jamendo.

[As an aside, this is the Writing Music Monday post that puts us over one day’s worth of music, 24 hours and 36 minutes according to Clementine. Woo. Hoo.]

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