Writing Music Monday: AFTER WORK

[cover] AFTER WORK - AFTER WORKIt begins after the end.

The end of what? Unknown.

The work week? Civilization? In any case, some titanic, soul-draining struggle. All is lost, or if it is won, it leaves the winner alone. Utterly, abjectly, inexpressibly alone amid desolation.

Then the first track ends. Whoever it is finds a place. Small, cozy, welcoming. Others are there, but they respect distance and space, they don’t pry or nag. The loneliness continues, it might continue forever, but there are others to share it, and bustle and activity, and somehow things aren’t so bad. Even good, in some ways.

That’s the best I can do at rendering into words the feeling that AFTER WORK gives me. It’s entirely worthwhile.

You can download AFTER WORK’s eponymous album from Jamendo.

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