Writing Music Monday: Life In Bitville by Jaime Heras

CoverImagine you had a time machine. And you went back to 1983, maybe 1984. Found the most ingenious composer of synth music working. Handed him a pound of gold and said “I want you to write a soundtrack for the internet.”

After he stopped giving you That Look, and you explained what the internet was going to be (without making any reference to William Gibson or Neuromancer, because it won’t have been published for another year, so his vision of it won’t be tainted by that level of nihilism), you would see his eyes light up with potential. He’d shoot questions at you left and write. You’d see his mind already drawing analogies to what he knows.

You’d go away, knowing with reasonable certainty that you’d planted the seed of a masterpiece.

Well, it didn’t happen then, but it did happen. Without the time machine.

Jaime Heras is a composer and musician I have only gotten into a little. He’s quite prolific, with eleven full albums and four EPs on Jamendo, covering 2007 through 2012 (as of the writing of this post), but I’ve only downloaded two, and have only given one much play.

But that one, Life in Bitville, is so brilliant and perfect that I can’t stop playing it.

Which leaves me bemused, a bit. How in hell can something this good have fewer than 1,000 listens or downloads!?

Go forth and rectify that! This is perfect background for the piece of ’80s nostalgia you’ve been wanting to write.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Music Monday: Life In Bitville by Jaime Heras

  1. Thanks so much for the entry, Jason.

    I thank your kind words and I’m happy you enjoy the album so much.
    I agree the number of listens is low. It used to be higher but I rearranged some of the tracks and reuploaded it to Jamendo, losing all old counters. It also happened shortly after Jamendo’s portal changes, which made my music somewhat harder to reach.

    Anyway, thanks again. I’ve always liked to switch genres and moods thru my albums but if you liked that one, maybe you would also like “The Future Is Over”.


    1. Hola, Jaime! And you are very welcome.

      I do look forward to exploring your other work, but I take things one album at a time, and simply haven’t gone exploring the others yet (except The Astronaut, which I need to listen to more, too).

      I appreciate you taking the time to drop by. 😀

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