Writing Music Monday: livetracks by Tomoyo

CoverYet again, I violate my own informal rule and bring you an album with vocals. Vocals that include some English, even — more of a violation than usual.

I do not think, however, that anyone will complain.

livetracks by Tomoyo is just about what it says — a live recording of a performance in what sounds like a small, smoky, cozy, dimly-lit jazz-type club.

There is a trio or quartet (drums, bass, guitar, and piano, though I’m unsure if the guitarist is also the pianist or not) (this video of Cappucino on YouTube shows a quartet), backing a lead singer with a wonderfully expressive, yet somewhat weary, voice, and two backing vocalists. The songs are mostly in Japanese but, perhaps typically, with a liberal salting of English words and phrases. The venue feels small and intimate. The whole thing just feels like the way the world should be — fusion of cultures, relaxed and quiet atmosphere, talent performing in a film noir-ish setting.

It’s very easy to write to this, for me, because I feel like I’m the scribbler at the back of the bar or cafe, battered fedora pushed back up my forehead, letting the flavor of the place suffuse me and flavor my writing. I’m always annoyed that it’s only 22 minutes long.

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