Writing Music Monday: Indigo by Flembaz

Indigo CoverWell, I crapped out for a few weeks, so this week I’m going to post three albums. Here’s the first.

Flembaz is a Portuguese duo who specialize in electronic music, and though this album bears the dreaded labels of “techno” and, worse by far, “dubstep”, it works for me as background music for writing. It works very well. (One does need to overlook the assumed political overtones of having George W. Bush’s voice used in a track called “Empire”, but that’s actually fairly easy to do.)

We produced 11 tracks of different genres like progressive house, techno, electro, dubstep, and glitch-hop, trying to cater to different dance floor tastes, because we, as listeners, like several different styles and dynamic albums as well, able to provide different emotional states.

I had no idea that all those were different genres of music, and it all sounds much the same to me. But, as I said, it works.

You can download “Indigo” from Jamendo, from SoundCloud, or from their own site (scroll down, it’s there in several formats).

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