Writing Music Monday: Light Years by Stellardrone

Light Years coverThis is one direction that ’80s synthesizer music should have gone. I have almost no patience for techno, let alone “house”, “industrial”, or (shudder) dubstep. But this? This works for me, at least as appropriate sonic wallpaper.

Light Years is the latest album put out by Stellardrone, and it’s fully worth downloading and putting into your writing playlist.

Here’s what Stellardrone has to say about himself:

Stellardrone is a pseudonym of [an] amateur composer (Edgaras, b.1987, Lithuania, Vilnius) who started creating music in 2007. Using only computer software (Reason, Ableton, Audacity) and virtual synthesizers. He is mostly interested in ambient/electronic/space music. Releasing all albums for free and promotes free sharing of digital copies. His main inspirations are Kelly Bailey (computer game composer), Aaron Marshall (emerging film composer), Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Altus, Vangelis and Aphex Twin’s selected ambient works.

All he had to say was “Vangelis”. 🙂

(You can also download the album from Jamendo, but if you go through BandCamp, you can actually throw some money Stellardrone’s way.)

Creative Commons License
Light Years by Stellardrone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.