Writing Music Monday: Tin Hei ( 天氣 ) by Dylan Tinlun Chan


This collection of piano improvisations by Dylan Tinlun Chan is soothing and lovely. Here’s what the artist himself has to say about Tin Hei:

Tin Hei ( 天氣 ) is my first album, it contains ten pieces of my piano improvisations. The title of the album is the Chinese character 天(sky) and 氣(air/spirit) which translates into the meaning of “weather”.

Living in Ottawa, Canada, I find the nature here magnificent and the ever changing weather is an inseparable part of life. My feelings are naturally moved by this pattern of ‘air in the sky’ and I find it appropriate to name my first album after it.

The album is available on both Jamendo and through Bandcamp, and comparing the two sites shows why Jamendo is waning, while Bandcamp thrives. I still have a place in my heart for Jamendo, but at this point it’s more nostalgia than related to the actual experience of using the site.

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