Writing Music Monday: Swing Martiner by GEM

[cover] GEM - Swing Martiner

And so we return, yet again, to my love of jazz. This isn’t just jazz, and it’s not just swing, it’s gypsy swing, and it’s pretty damn good.

Swing Martiner by GEM is an album I can’t tell you much about. All the information on Jamendo about it and the artist(s) is in French, and I do not comprendez the vous at all. All I know is that it originates from St. Martin, that it has a very open license, and that it’s quite good.

The artist, Jeremie (I can’t find his last name), seems to be French, to have studied music in the US and Europe, and to reside in the Caribbean. What a life!

He’s not Django Reinhardt, but nobody is. But he’s good. So, download, enjoy, and write!

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